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Residential Drain Cleaning Experts Serving Green Bay

Family life is often centered on the home. It should be a place of security and comfort. When there’s any kind of trouble with the drain cleaning, you’ll feel the effects no matter where your day takes you. The technicians at Affordable Sewer & Drain in Green Bay are ready to resolve problems at the drain itself or somewhere along the sewer lines. We have the right training, experience and equipment to complete a simple repair and to recommend efficient service plans. Trust us with all of your residential drain cleaning and maintenance needs. Whether you need a residential drain cleaner for big jobs or small, trust a professional to ensure that the work has been done correctly.

Clearing Sewer Lines for Homes

Homeowners may not have a complete picture of what lies within their sewer lines, but they know enough to realize that they don’t want anything coming back up. A thorough residential sewer cleaning must be completed by experts. We have the right tools to pinpoint clogs deep within your pipes without digging up your yard. Our technicians can identify where drains are clogged, even when they are causing trouble in other areas of the house. With one simple repair visit, we may be able to protect your entire system from the costly effects of drain cleaning emergencies.

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At Affordable Sewer & Drain in Green Bay, we want to be your home drain cleaner. We’ll give your quick kitchen repair the same high level of attention that we provide for every comprehensive commercial sewer cleaning. Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked to develop a great reputation in the community. Let us show you why our customers trust us. Call 920-490-4522 today to schedule a maintenance, repair or cleaning visit.

Trust Us for the Best Maintenance Programs

When you want to make sure your drains and septic systems are always in working order, Affordable Sewer & Drain has the best maintenance programs to ensure they are in top condition.
From providing cleaning services to keeping your roots at bay, we can make it easier to maintain your septic systems. We offer maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties. We've been serving the area since 1996!
Get the perfect maintenance services:
  • Drain cleaning
  • Clog removal
  • Restaurants
  • High grease businesses
  • Roots around septic systems
Our maintenance program contractors are insured and bonded. We are family owned and operated and we care for your peace of mind!
Call us today to create a maintenance program with us!
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